Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Anti Stress Techniques and Meditation

In recent years, the role of meditation in healing and stress relief has gathered growing support and recognition. It is now widely accepted that developing a meditation practice will have a positive effect on the body and many believe that meditation can assist in healing spiritual issues, healing mental issues, and healing emotional issues as well.Mindfulness meditation, the core practice of Vipassana meditation, is most commonly associated with the Buddha. Over the years, it has gained so much ground that it has been incorporated into a number of clinically-based meditation therapies—the results of which have shown that a daily meditation practice can have a positive impact on blood pressure, heart rate, and the immune system.The attitude required by Vipassana meditation (or watching the breath) is highly conducive to managing stress and overcoming adversity. According to a study published by the University of Alberta Evidence Based Practice Center located in Edmonton, Alberta Canada, it is very important in Vipassana Meditation that one:• Release all expectations• Avoid straining or trying too hard• Avoid rushing• Make a conscious effort not to cling to or reject anything• Relax and let go• Be accepting of all experiences that one has• Be gentle and self accepting with one’s self• Question everything• View problems as challenges• Avoid stewing over or deliberating on any issue• See the similarities in people and circumstances rather than the differencesThe above approach aids in one’s meditation practice, however, the practitioner who chooses to meditate daily and who incorporates these anti-stress techniques or attitudes into his or her everyday life, can expect to reduce stress significantly and live a more enjoyable life.

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