Thursday, July 17, 2008

I Have HIV ... My Partner has HIV ... Are Condoms Still Necessary?

If you are a person infected with HIV who recently has started a relationship with another individual also infected with HIV, you may have automatically concluded that condoms are not necessary. You likely assume – as most people do in this day and age – that because both of you are infected with HIV, it is not necessary to use condoms when you are engaging in sexual relations.The reality is that in many cases when two individuals infected with HIV are engaging in sexual activity with each other condoms must be used. Through this article you are provided with an informational overview as to why condoms can be necessary even when both partners in a sexual relationship are infected with HIV.The reality is that there are different strains of HIV. Some of the strains are more resilient than others. In other words, some strains of HIV are more serious and have the potential for being more harmful to an individual.Therefore, if both you are your partner have been diagnosed with HIV, you need to keep well in mind that you might not both be infected with the same strain of HIV. Therefore, it will become an important issues to prevent cross infection if you are suffering from different strains of HIV. As a result, condoms are must. Safe sex practices become vital if you want to ensure that both you and your partner maintain the best health possible even when you have been diagnosed with HIV. You need to keep in mind that by taking proper care of yourself and making proper decisions in regard to your sexual practices, you can lead a normal and healthy life even with an HIV diagnosis.If you happen to be infected with the same strain of HIV, condoms may become less important of an issue. However, what you do need to keep in mind that you might become infected (or you might infect your partner) with some other type of STD or STI. The reality is that in some instances a person infected with HIV or certainly AIDS might have a harder time physically dealing with and resolving another type of infection. Therefore, it can be important to use condoms in situations in which you both are suffering from the same strain of HIV.If you find that you have any specific or additional questions in regard to the use of condoms when both partners have HIV, you should consult with your health care professional of doctor. Your physician can assist you in obtaining additional information and resources that will be helpful to you in regard to these important issues.For more information visit: I Have HIV ... My Partner has HIV ... Are Condoms Still Necessary?
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